Falling in Love

There’s something so terrible about being in love, and knowing you can’t actually have the object of your admiration (or at least not for very long). As Christmas approaches, I’m beginning to realize how ridiculously quick time is passing and how soon I’ll be back home away from mon amour, Paris.

When I was little, I never liked Paris. I always remembered it as dark,dirty, and depressing. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve slowly but surely fallen more and more in love, and these last three months have been the deciding factor in my love affair.

So like any sane lover, I have begun to search out a way to stay with my dear Paris.

I began to consider my options: I could find an old rich french man, settle down here and fulfill my dreams of trophy wife-dom, orrrrrrr I could go to University here. Seeing as the second seems a little more my style, I immediately thought of La Sorbonne, a university that I have always romanticized(despite almost no knowledge of the school) and that has always been associated in my head with prestige.

I convinced myself that I wanted to go there to save money. My friends who will be attending college in a European country always complain about having to pay 200 euros a semester, so I remind them that I will be going home to my $50,000 a year University. So I began thinking, why pay thousands of dollars a year, when I could NOT pay thousands of dollars a year? Seems reasonable to me.

The next step is getting in. I met a young man who goes to La Sorbonne while I was out one night, and asked him if  he could get me in….He said no, but kindly sent me some links on how international students apply.  I did a bit of research and found out a) they don’t have a major I would be interested in doing and b) I doubt very highly that my level of written french would get me very far in a university.

So trying to be realistic and come to terms with the fact that I most likely won’t be staying after July, I’m giving up hope . Sometimes the best memories are made from love affairs that end before all the mystery has been exposed.


About nannymcfilleaupair

I am a Franco-American who, though born in France, spent most of her life in the US. I am now spending a year between high school and college as an Au Pair here in Paris.
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